At Keren Media our mission is to create a series of fun, therapeutic and effective games that help kids learn and nurture valuable emotional skills.   Uniquely created, Keren Media games are designed for therapists and other professionals who work with kids through the challenges of developing social skills; while also helping parents, with no formal therapeutic training, take a more active role in helping their kids grow emotionally.  The games are graphically enticing, have easy-to-understand instructions and can be easily adapted and modified to individual children’s needs.

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Keren Media is a family business co-founded in 2018 by Liat and Eyal Keren, who are parents of two children.  Liat is a practicing certified family therapist, specializing in promoting social skills and self-esteem through her individual work with children, and teens and through group therapy. Eyal is a successful online entrepreneur with a passion for bringing big ideas to life. Serving executive marketing and business development roles across a wide range of companies, such as Waves Audio,, WinBuyer, Pitango and others, as well as his own successful ventures.