Collection: Anxiety Activities for Kids

Games and tools that Teach How to Manage Anxiety Constructively

 Many kids suffer in silence with anxiety. Chronic anxiety can manifest in a variety of ways but tends to interfere with quality of life, the child’s sense of security, their friendships,  and schoolwork. This is often an alienating experience that leaves many kids & teens feeling alone. We believe it is important to emphasize early on that they are not alone with this battle, and that there are tangible, research backed skills they can develop to reduce anxiety. Our anxiety focused games:

  • Provide players with insights on the role anxiety plays 
  • Use CBT tools to teach players the value of restructuring their anxiety-induced thoughts
  • Show players that they are not alone with this struggle
  • Provide players with tangible tools for coping with anxiety
  • Outcomes include decreased anxiety in kids and teens

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